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Tuesday, December 16, 2014 12:02:11 AM
It's December so maybe some interesting discussions can get started. What is the worst load you got by with pulling?

This one show I can't name (Carpenter's), had a generator in a straight truck that blew the engine labor day weekend. We cut the cab off and put a fifth wheel pin on the frame, and then hooked a Hampton on the end for the rest of the season.

I got caught dodging the scales with that contraption on a county road near Findlay Ohio. The tractor had brakes, but of course the truck chassis didn't, nor the Hampton. A few lights worked, but not many.It was around midnight. You could see the glow of the weigh station lights from where we were. I have no idea what a state trooper was doing on a county road, but he was there.

I played the iggy and told him I was just following the boss. The STATE TROOPER(!) told me he knew what I was doing, avoiding the scales, and to get on the interstate at the very next opportunity. He then handed me my licence back and told me to be safe. I could have kissed him.
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