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Thursday, September 25, 2014 1:49:58 AM
Hi all,

Well, I wouldnt really call myself a new member per say because I was part of the old message boards of MCW, but when the switch happened, I hadnt logged in for a while, and lost my account. Granted, all I remember is that I was "LarsonRingofFire," and if my name suggests correctly, was thoroughly obsessed with the ride....cant stay Im not still to an extent. 🙄 But, given that was a few years ago, Ive since graduated high school and am in college (1st year senior [smart] ) hopefully at 23 I am less annoying and irritating than the bothersome probably than the 13-15ish year old I was then.

I dont suppose much has changed. Still completely intrigued by the industry (something I attribute to being born the week of the North Alabama State Fair), and the amusement park industry. Actually in college for Hospitality Management with goals of being a manager in the rides department/operations department with a park one day. Still have the outrageous dreams of owning a show, but it has more so evolved into a family fun center type thing with a few rides along with go-karts, arcade, mini golf, etc. My ships gotta come in first, because right now, Im definitely living the broke college life.

Like I said though, not much has changed, except Im in college trying to get a degree to further myself in the broad spectrum of the industry containing shows and parks, older and less annoying, and I have actually worked with rides before as a Lead at Six Flags Over Georgia!

Not much else interesting here lol, just Austin.

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