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Saturday, August 9, 2014 1:25:18 PM
Hi Guys
Anyways Im going to post my flickr albums of the 11 carnivals i have seen this year, the PGAM albums will come next week

Anyways my first of the year was: Shaw & Sons at a church, May 3rd,2014
Shaw & Sons at St Johns Church Carnival 

Jolly at a mall date May 21st: Jolly at Lakeforest Mall 

Penn Wood in Gamber VFD outside of baltimore May 28th: Gamber VFD 

Cedar Point May 31-June 1: Cedar Point "America's Roller Coast" 

Snyders Amusements near frederick,MD june 10th: Carroll Manor VFD 

Shaw & Sons complete show in Sykesville,MD June 20th: Sykesville Freedom Fire Dept Carnival 

Rosedale in Walkersville,MD on July 3rd: Walkersville VFD Carnival 

Snyders setting up for Middletown VFD july 6: Snyder's Setting up Middletown VFD carnival 

Not a carnival but the Chance R 60 wheel in DC on july 11th: Capital Wheel  

Penn Wood at Guardian Hose VFD in Thurmont,MD July 12th: Penn Wood at Guardian Hose VFD 

Rosedale in Urbana July 16th National Funnel Cake day: Rosedale at Urbana VFD 

Keansburg Amusement Park,Keansburg,NJ on july 21: Keansburg Amusement Park 

Amusements of America's 2nd unit with Book ins from S&S at the 173rd Saratoga County Fair in Ballston Spa,NY on July 24th: 173rd Saratoga County Fair 

Dreamland's main unit at the Ulster County Fair in New Paltz,NY august 2nd, there are videos of Delusion : Ulster County Fair 

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