Majestic Fan1982
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 6:07:33 PM
Well folks Brandywine hosp has finished up their annual
strawberry festival in coatsville PA chester county area over this past
weekend.... The weather was feeling more like a Pumkin festival rather
then a strawberry fest with breezy conditons on the first night and Highs
only in the Lower 60's and 40's at night The rest of the weekend was about
70 to 78 degrees with very low humidity but night times were very chilly.

This festival is only for 4 days but im telling you they have everything you
can think of there including live entertainment food galore private vendors
and midway vendors, they have a very nice fireworks show on one of the nights.
Heres the amusement ride list which was provided by Majestic Midways out of York

Century Wheel

Super Shot



Ring of Fire

Wisdom Himalaya


Delux Sizzler

Bertazon Wave Swinger.

Majestic Scooter

Ghost Town haunted house


Dog pound

Rock a tug

Tea cups

a few Hampton combos

Bee Bop

Kite Flyer

Crazy bus

and im sure a few more were there.... I have not seen their Hustler this season so maybe its either up for sale or sold.