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Friday, February 15, 2013 7:31:00 PM
I have an old VHS tape that came out in 1994 called Awesome Rides, and on it is a ride called the Tumbler. It has 2 Wheels right behind the other, 6 cars on each Wheel, making it have 12 total cars, and the Wheels spin opposite directions of one another. The cars seat 4 people & have the over-the-shoulder restraints, and the headlights are sunflowers with actual headlights in the center of them. The cars also have 4 spot lights on the bottom. The woman narrator on the tape said it was designed in England & had never been in the U.S. before...until 1994 when they put that VHS tape out. Is anyone here familiar or remember that ride coming to America back then? I myself have never seen it in person, just from that video tape. The center of each Wheel, there's a star symbol in the middle. The carnival show on that tape, i didn't see any show name, but i did see other rides in the background such as the : Huss Pirate, Chance Giant Wheel, Super Trooper, Thunder Bolt, Kamikaze, Zipper, and the rest kiddie rides / games. Does that ring a bell as to what show it was with anyone? It's whoever had that new ride called Tumbler back then. If anyone on here does know about the Tumbler, where is it now? and does it still travel or is it in a park? Thanks for the info.!
Friday, February 15, 2013 9:29:35 PM
The Tumbler is sitting at the Tivoli factory in the UK from what I've been told, retrofitted with floorless cars. I rode it as a kid at Fiesta in San Antonio, Wood Ent. operated it for a year or so. I remember it sat right in front of the Love Bugs. I rode it with my cousin, and it was a crazy ride. We rode it twice, the ride would go around like a wheel, then suddenly the cars would lock in place and release sending your car flipping wildly. I remember the following year we went back looking for it and never saw it again.