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Monday, September 10, 2012 2:55:30 PM
Dear Friend and Boardwalk Supporter:
As most of you know, the law firm of Goodwin-Proctor is representing us in a lawsuit against the Parks Department. The suit alleges that they failed to perform the required environmental impact studies to assess the numerous negative impacts that their intended plan will have for our community and all who make use of the Boardwalk were it to be implemented, and asks that the Court compel them to do so before going forward.

I know from your past actions and comments that you support the fight to maintain and preserve a safe, wood Coney Island Boardwalk. That is why I'm asking you-perhaps for the last time--to do something so simple, yet so crucially important that it can make a profound difference in our fight--SHOW UP ON OCTOBER 4TH!

We have been advised that it is vitally important for us to have a large turnout present in the courtroom of the judge when he or she hears our case. It will indicate to the judge the widespread level of concern that exists with respect to the Parks Department's plans for the Boardwalk. That is why I"m asking you, whether you were with us at the Design Commission hearing in March or not, but since you care about the fate of our Boardwalk, to please arrange your schedule so that you can be present with us for this crucial Court date. It would mean a lot to all of us who have been putting forth our concerted efforts toward this fight, since, by virtue of your taking the initiative to be present, your action will be serving our common cause in a way that only you can. We desperately need you and all of us to SHOW UP ON OCTOBER 4th! Please take this one morning to stand- or in this case sit- with us, and collectively let's once more attempt to save this beautiful icon!

Our attorneys have informed us that the date of the Court hearing of our case, is Thursday, October 4th, starting at 9:45 AM. The case will be heard in Kings County Supreme Court which is located at 360 Adams street in downtown Brooklyn. Take the R train to the Court Street station and walk a couple of blocks to the Court on Adams Street. Alternatively, you may take the 2, 3, 4, or 5 trains to the Borough Hall stop, and walk to Adams street. The Hearing Part number is 38 and the name of the judge hearing the case is Martin Solomon. We will meet outside the hearing room at 9:30AM sharp and then enter and sit together. (My cell phone number is 718-449-7017, in case you want to call me about something between now and the 4th, or on that day). Please send me an email letting me know that you'll be coming, robburstein@hotmail.com.

...Just one last thing. We need a huge number of people to show up to achieve our desired effect. There are few times in life when by virtue of our presence we may affect the outcome of something we care deeply about. This is one of those times. Please do what your heart tells you is the right and good thing to do, before your head gets in the way. Both your heart and your head, as well as the Boardwalk will be better off for it! Looking forward to joining with you at the Court on October 4th!

All the best!


For more info on the lawsuit go to our website, savetheboardwalk.wordpress.com.

Just a brief note to let you know that in this coming Monday's(Sept. 10th) Daily News, we have an op-ed regarding the Boardwalk that will appear in all city editions on the "Be Our Guest" page. In it we touch on various aspects of the lawsuit and attempt to refute some erroneous information that the Parks Department has promulgated.