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The location is Cherokee/Farms which is located at 2035 Old Mineral Springs Road in La Fayette Georgia. Cherokee/Farms holds many events every year, which is why Team Support Charities Events Promoter Dave Smith contacted the owner, Larry Caldwell, about holding the Northwest Georgia Spring Festival on the grounds. The dates are set for May 24 through June 3, 2012.

The hours of operation are 12 noon to 11 pm on the Saturday and Sunday and 5 pm to 11 pm on monday through Friday. The carnival ride midway, the feature attraction, will be open all hours the festival is open to the public. The parking attendants, gate admission personel, and ticket sellers will be ready for business one hour before the midway opens, everyday. Rain will not keep the event from opening and lightning will cause a temporary shut down, of all activities, until the danger has passed.

Several forms of alternative entertainment are being negotiated. There is a band stand, petting zoo, reptile show, circus, magic show, gretting clown, and a pony ride that is in discussions in reference to participation in the Northwest Georgia Spring Fest. More show men and show women are being contacted in reference to these crowd pleasing forms of entertainment.

Several other fun things to do, at a festival, that are high on the list of things to have at the festival, of the coordinators. A Spring Fest Queen, Princess, and Dutchess contest, Horse Shoe contest, Texas Hold'em Tournament, Karaoke contest, Chilli CooK Off, Home Made Pie and/or Cake Contest. All these need community involvement and a coordinator. Since this is a first ever celebration, Team Support Charities is hoping to be contacted by people from the area who are willing to coordinate any of these activities or even one not listed above.

Dave Smith, events promoter, and Sam Staffen, Team Support Charities Founder, are currently taking requests for participation for crafts and commercial vendors, food booths, musical and other performers, and things of that nature. Dave can be contacted via email at events_promoter@teamsupportcharities.com, and Sam can be reached via email at brothersam@teamsupportcharities.com, for all these matters.


Northwest Georgia Spring Festival
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