Monday, January 16, 2012 1:47:14 PM
A friend in the biz have said this... "I don't wish to argue with some punk who ran a hampton once about what lightbulbs look better on ride x and y." I see his point.

I am all for fans. I am a fan as well as with-it. But some of these guys wanna work at McDonald's and tell you how your show should be operated. It DOES get annoying at times. AGAIN, like I said I like fans too... A few people on this board would say that I have treated the fans I have met in person well (Trey, Robin, Chris before he was in the biz, Andrew and several others) but then there are some others that just annoy the * out of me. I got one former member that I've had to boot of our facebook page several times because he just can't shut up when he needs to. It's sad really that there is a new topic every few days here and there used to be one every few minutes. But what can ya do when most of the people in the biz won't post here anymore and probably won't be returning. I know many that used to and gave up out of frustration. I used to post a lot... not as much these days.[rant2]
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