Wednesday, November 12, 2003 6:20:18 PM
here is a list of shows i have visited through out my life:


wade shows

amusements of america

reithoffer shows (orange unit only)

farrow shows (yellow unit only)

wagner's carnival

reed expositions (small part of their show)

lowery carnival company (some of one of their units)

ray cammack shows

crabtree amusements (saw both units)

moore's greater shows

murphy brothers expositions

bill dillard expositions (no longer on the road)

20th century shows (no longer on the road)

heart of america shows

jay stanley shows (only saw them once, hope they are still in buisness)

alamo attractions (kiddie carnival, booked with wade)

merriam's midway of fun

mighty thomas carnival

pride of texas shows

indipendent ride bookers:

bishop amuseents

wood entertainment

jim's rides

demas enterprises

flight to mars inc

amusements inc

steck equipment company

steve vander vorste

butch van hull

that's the list, here is a list of shows i hope to visit sometime in the future:

farrow shows (blue unit)

mighty bluegrass shows

strates shows

belle city amusements

powers great american midways

lowery carnival company (more of their show)

reed expositions (more of their show)
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 6:39:49 PM
Quite the list! Okay, I will join the fun.

Amusements of America
Strates Shows
Wade Shows
Pugh Shows*
Crown Amusements*
Mid America Shows
Playworld Amusements
McDonagh's Amusements
Poor Jack Amusements
Motor State Shows*
Elliott Amusement Company**
Elliott's Amusements LLC (was Great Lakes Amusements for one season)
Miller Spectacular Shows
Arnold Amusements
T-N-T Midways***
Happyland Shows*
Cumberland Valley Shows
A.J. Carl Shows
Family Funtyme Amusements
J & J Amusements
Bates Brothers Amusement Company
Goodtime Amusements
Cook Amusement Company*
Ingalls Amusements*
World of Pleasure Shows*
Link Shows (Link Carnival)*
Skerbeck Brothers Shows
Deggeller Attractions
Lowery Carnival (booked at Michigan State Fair back in 1985 with Wade)
Wymer Amusements
Star Valley Amusements
Kiddieland Ride Company
G.T.A. Amusements
Regher(sp?) Enterprises
Schmidt Amusements
Doolan Amusements (booked with AofA at the Ohio State Fair)
Gargano Amusements (booked with AofA at the Ohio State Fair)
Jolly Shows (booked whole show with AofA at 1996 Ohio State Fair)
Jules and Beck Combined Shows
J.C.J.'s Amusements (booked with Arnold Amusements and Cumberland Valley Shows)

I also remember as a young boy seeing a show in or near Ypsilanti, Michigan back in the mid 1970's, had a Sky Wheel, Toboggan, Paratrooper, Eli Wheel, Tilt-A-Whirl, Zipper, and that is all I can recall, never got the name of the show--I remember my Dad getting ready to pull into the parking lot and hollered something about money and never pulled in. It was near what is now a recreation complex near Willow Run High School, because I distinctly recall being on Michigan Avenue (US 12), and looking down the road next to what is now the Eby-Brown Company and seeing the Sky Wheel turning, and my Dad going up to the next road, turning, and then going to the road the lot was on. Like I said, never made it in to the lot. [V]

Plus independents:

Wood Entertainment
Jim's Rides
Wayne McDaniel
Jon Tilton
Van Hull

*=no longer in business
**=became T-N-T Midways with new rides
***=now part of Arnold Amusements (basically Arnold's second unit)


"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." -- Mark Twain
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 7:51:38 PM
OK, here we go...

Magel's Carnival Midways
Midwest Rides
Gold Star Amusements
Gopher State Expositions
Stipe's Shows
Hildebrand's Midway of Fun
Mighty Thomas Carnival
Northern Lights Amusements
Minnesota Magic Midway
Family Fun Shows
Funland RBS
Murphy Brothers Expos
Farrow Shows (yellow unit)
Merriam's Midway Shows
All-American Amusements
Sam's Amusements

Royal American Shows
MN-NO-SO-DAK Premier Shows

Bishop Amusements
Wood Entertainment
McDonagh Amusements
Mid-America Shows
Playworld Amusements
Demas Enterprises
Jim's Rides
A of A
Otterbacher Shows
Tinsley Amusements
Flight to Mars Inc.
Pugh Shows (now defunct)

And by no means is this a complete list, I'm sure I've seen a show I've long forgotten about.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you have to take a rain check.

Majestic Fan1982
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 9:42:40 PM
How do you know Majestic Midways then CStephens? u didnt list them. i thought maybe u knew their show since u talk about them.
anyhow i might as well join the fun as well:

Shows i have visited:

Benner's Amusements,
Lynams Amusements,
Oscars Amusements,
Otto's Amusements,
Majestic Midways,
Skelly's Amusements,
Jim Houghton Enterprises,
S-S Amusements,
Henry T Cole Shows,

Shows i want to Visit:

Reithoffer Shows,
Powers Great American Midways,
Amusements Of America,
Bluegrass Shows,
and Arbroo Shows
Thursday, November 13, 2003 2:50:34 AM
World's Finest Shows
Crown Amusements
Conklin Shows
Homeniuk Amusements
Reithoffer Shows
Happyland/Billy G. Amusements
Gable Bros. Shows
Valley Shows
Classic/Whitehills Amusements
Funland Outdoor Amusements
Amusements Of America
J&A Homeniuk Concessions
Thursday, November 13, 2003 3:21:21 AM
well might as well join in on the fun...gonna try to list all i've been to over my 34 years i'm sure i'll leave a few out but i'll try to remember...some of the shows i'll mention were booked on with other shows such as all the shows booked on at the fla state fair or booked on with conklin in west palm

golden empire shows - now defunct
johnny's united shows - now defunct
united shows of america - now defunct
doc harden's georgia amusement co - now defunct
pugh shows - now defunct - auction in dania,fl
link carnival - now defunct
all american shows
all star amusements
belle city amusements
bluegrass shows
conklin shows
cumberland valley shows
drew expo
farrow shows
myers int midways
reithoffer shows
great southern shows
wade shows
murphy brothers expo
family attractions amusement co
geren's rides
c&j attractions
kissel rides and shows
snyder and metts amusements
mid america shows
amusements of america
aj carl shows
strates shows
billy lauther - independent
billy truax - independent
deggller attractions
dp amusements
jon luehr's spectacular attractions
interstate amusements
john l marconi - independent
jcj amusements
driskill's spectacular midways
otterbacher shows
jerry payne - independent
butch van hull - independent
rio christani - independent

once you go carnie you never go back

Friday, November 14, 2003 3:08:10 AM
Here goes...

A of A
Bates Bros.
Anderson Amusements
Deggler Amusements
Interstate Amusements
Carnival Tyme Amusements
Kissel Bros. (Cincy OH)
Kissel Rides & Shows (GA.)
Murray Bros Shows ( both units)
D&D Putting & Amusements
Bair Bros.
Patriot Amusements
Michaels Amusements
Big O Amusements
Otterbacher Fun Fair
SAE Amusements (Sarasota)
A&E Amusements
Triple Treat Shows
Myers International Midways
A of Buffalo.
Nolan Amusements
Skerbeck Shows.
Poor Jack shows
C&S Amusements
Funtime Carnival
Carnival Company ( now Defunct )
Pugh Shows (now Defunct )
J&J amusements
JCJ Amusements
Lisko & Sons Amusements
Smith Funalnd
Stewarts Amusemetns
Durant Shows
Burton Bros.
Jessup Amusements
Summer Seasons Amusements ( Now defunct )
Astro Amusements
Windy City
Friday, November 14, 2003 6:54:47 AM
Lowery Carnival Company
Matt Armstrong Shows
Merriam's Midway Shows
Gold Star Amusements
Evans United Shows
Gopher State Expositions
Hildebrand's Midway of Fun
Farrow Shows
Mighty Thomas Carnival
Murphy Brothers Exposition
Royal American Shows
Funland RBS
Dale T Thomas Shows
Blomsness All Star Amusements
Bill Hames Shows
Brown Amusements
Lone Star Amusements
Sam's Amusements
Bill Dillard Expositions
Doo Little Amusements
Magel Carnival Midway
Northern Lights Amusements
Frye Amusements
Oneil's United Shows
D and M Amusements

Friday, November 14, 2003 6:58:09 AM
I'll give it a whirl too...

Myers International Midways
Kissel Rides and Shows
Belle City Amusements
Casey's Rides
C&J Amusements
Carrousel Amusements
Scott Nolan Shows
Dakota Shows
Snyder and Metts Amusements
Cumberland Valley Show
Reithoffer (orange and blue and combined)
Pride of Texas
Crown Amusements (now defunct)
United SHows of America (now defunct)
Gold Medal Shows (now defunct)
Golden Empire Shows (now defunct)
Johnny's United Shows (now defunct)
Deggeller Attractions
Deggeller Magic Midway (now defunct)
Family Attractions Amusements
Big Hearted Jerry's Rides (now defunct)
Poor Jacks Amusements
Burton Brothers Amusements
Triple Treat Shows
Kissel Brothers Shows
Funtime Carnival
Windy City Amusements
Fantasy Amusements
All Star Amusements
All American Shows
Mid South Shows (now defunct)
Heart of Dixie Shows (now defunct)
Mighty Bluegrass Shows
James H Drew Expo
COnklin Shows
Guthrie Shows (now defunct)
Jules and Beck
Terry's Rides
Interstate Amusemements of America
Great Sutton Shows
United Midways of America (dont know who this was..one time deal and most of it never showed up for the fair...this was late 70's or early 80's...never heard of it again)
Gerens Rides
RG Richards Rides (now defunct)
Heart of Bluegrass Shows (now defunct)

Parts and pieces of the following at various booked in spots:
Murphy Brothers
Spectacular Midways
Tip Top Shows
Playworld Amusements
McDonagh Amusements
JCJ Amusements
Indy operators Steck, Lauther, Woods, Van Hull & Christiani
AJ Carl Shows
Murray Brothers Amusements

Additional Shows I have seen with equipment parked & racked at various spots:
Arnolds AMusements
Skinner's Amusements
Farrow Shows
Otterbacher Shows

I'm sure I've forgotten some. Will edit if I think of more

Friday, November 14, 2003 7:41:02 AM
Well here's my list:

Conklin Shows
Cumberland Valley Shows
PlayWorld Amusements
Amusements Of America
Tolve Presentations
Murphy Brothers Exposition
Tip Top Shows
Astro Amusements
Reithoffer Sgows
Blomsness All Star Amusements
Strates Shows
Farrow Shows
Carr Exposition
Michael's Amusements
Silver Dollar Shows
Bluegrass Shows
Pugh Shows
Mid America Shows
J&J Amusements

BSA Mike
Friday, November 14, 2003 7:56:20 AM
Whole Shows:
Blue Sky Amusements (obviously)
Silver Dollar Shows (Obviously)
All County Amusements
Strates Shows
Reithoffer Shows
Amusements Of America
Newton Shows
All Star Midways
Jolly Shows
Gargano Amusements
United Shows Of America
Conklin Shows
Allied Amusements
Nevins Amusements
Dreamland Amusements

Pieces from:

Blomness- 2003 FSF
Cumberland Valley - Space Roller and Additional Pieces at FSF
Meyers Int'l - Zipper at 2003 Florida State Fair
Murphy Bros.- a bunch of different pieces
Degeller -Ring Of Fire
Michael Lauther- FunHouses/Glasshouses
Billy Lauther - Orbiter, Fantasma Darkride
Jerry Payne -Evolution & Bumper Boats
Popavich- Flume & Himalaya
Shamrock Shows - Force 10, Hurricane, a bunch of kiddies, Trabant

Saturday, November 15, 2003 10:26:44 AM
OK here's mine:

Ace Amusements
All-County Amusements
Allied Amusements
Amusements of America(all units)
Arbroo Shows
Billy Burr's Funorama
Brownstone Amusements
King Reid Shows
O.C.Buck Shows
Buck/Page Expositions(later version)
Continental Shows(my own)
Rice Brothers Amusements
Wade Shows
Frankie's Amusements
Gillette Shows
United Shows of America
Cumberland Valley Shows
S&S Shows(Swika)
Great Sutton Shows
B&B Shows(New York)
Gooding's Million Dollar Midway
Royal American
Sue Page Shows
Gargano Amusements
Granite State Shows
Shamrock Shows
Hildebrand Shows
L.D.Wheeler Shows
Heath Amusements
Otto's Amusements
Whaling City Amusements
Colbert's Amusements
L&L Shows
L&M Shows
World-Wide Amusements
Smokey's Greater Shows
S&M Amusements
Lawrence Carr Shows
Jolly Shows
Fiesta Shows
Rockwell Amusements
Lisko Amusements
Strates Shows
Crown Amusements
Silver Dollar Shows
Murphy Brother's Exposition
Myer's International Midways
Conklin Shows
Coleman Brother's Shows
Skelly's Amusements
Great Southern Shows
James Drew Expositions
Sunshine Amusements
Cook's Amusements
Tolve Attractions
Reithhoffer Shows(all units)
Greenland Amusements
Deggeller Attractions
J&J Amusements
Pugh Shows

Saturday, November 15, 2003 4:48:01 PM
Not a huge list, but here goes:

Strates Shows
Carol Stream Amusements
Reithoffer Shows (Blue Unit)
Blue Sky Amusements
Silver Dollar Shows
Shamrock Shows
Gillette Shows
All Star Midways
M&L Rides
Wheelock Amusements
A&M Amusements
Hawkins Amusements
Castle Rock Amusements
Hall Family Amusements
Wonderful World Shows

and many others that I have long forgotten......

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Saturday, November 15, 2003 8:03:39 PM
OK....here is my two cents in the matter..Shows that I have either worked on or just visited

Amusements of America
Mighty Bluegrass Shows
United Shows
All Star Amusements
Astro Amusements
Silver Dollar
Lawrence Carr
S & S Shows
Cooke's Amuesments

Pieces of Shows Booking in Places:

Cumberland Valley
Billy and Michael Lauther
John Marconi
Jerry Payne(good friend)
Rio Christiani
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Sunday, November 16, 2003 7:16:51 AM


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Posted - 11/15/2003 : 3:26:44 PM

OK here's mine:

Skelly's Amusements

When and where?

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