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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 8:49:58 PM
A certain subcontractor was killed at Disneyland Paris which forced the management to close the boat ride until the authorities had finished investigating
The 53-year-old cleaner victim of a “It’s a Small World” ride was working when the machine turned on. The investigators had found out that the man fell into the water and was trapped underneath the boat ride.
Since the boats were not individual canoes but a series of connected boats which move through a water maze, so the man was trapped there. The maze was considerably tight in the beginning of the ride and does not become wider until the ride moves out of the circle.
It was before dawn when the poor employee was brought to the hospital by a helicopter ride, but eventually passed away. The doctors could do nothing to revive him and said that the man didn’t make it after the accident.
The boats in this said park are larger and wider that anybody who will be trapped by it will surely be killed.