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Saturday, October 2, 2010 1:49:34 PM
Anderson Amusements is playing the Clay Co Popcorn Festival in Brazil,Indiana. Rides include the merry go round, rock o plane, loop o plane, octopus, swinger, tip top, pirates treasure, bounce, tubs of fun, tanks, train, go gator.Some photos[]
Saturday, October 2, 2010 7:17:35 PM
I've been very impressed with Andersons. Their equipment is older, but pretty well maintained. Their bulb count is very close to 100%.

This is a small line-up for several reasons...they are the second Show on the same lot as an earlier Show and this is probably a one Show town, especially considering the layout for the first Show is much larger.

Also this is still an event that is trying to get established, having been started by individuals and not a club or committee...well, they are a committee now, but it didn't start that way.

Finally, there is alot of competing events happening in the same general time frame, and it is really difficult in drawing big crowds unless you have big draws. But you can't have big draws without big crowds. Kind of a chicken vs. egg situation.

Still I'm good anytime a Show comes around.

Thanks for the pics mgr man. I would have liked to have met you.
I've never been "with it", just been an interested observer of carnivals for more than 50 years.
Johnny's United Shows..."A Family Tradition" and "All for Fun, Fun for All".
The carnival of my youth, which had roots that originated in my hometown.
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