Wednesday, November 5, 2003 6:55:02 PM
hey everybody, in october of this year, i went to port lavaca in texas and went to the calhoun county fair, i could see the carnival before we even saw the fair it self, we got a bite to eat at a pizza hut cause the fair was'nt open yet, we went there about an hour later and noticed that the carnival was heart of america shows, the second time i saw them this year, the fair was very, very small, but the carnival was a preety good size, here's what they brought:

fabbri kamikaze
hurbetz round up
tivoli orbiter
wisdom magic carpet (aladin) (was music fest)
sellner tilt-a-whirl
eli hy 5 wheel
hurbetz paratrooper (very fast, 25 mph!!, went farward and backward)
dartron cliff hanger
majestic scooter 1400
eyerly midge-o-racer
eyerly bulgy the whale
pink kiddie train
jumpin star
super slide
fajume wacky worm (new in 2003, never used)
hampton wave runner

hampton jumpin motorcycles
hampton cars
hampton combo (racked)

well, guess what, they brought the whole show i think they brought the tornado slide and the wave of fire but i'm not sure, sorry, yes, everything they currently own, very cool, i thought, they sold that aladin ride years ago, i rode it when it had a winter theme, it was very fun, this time was was slower and boring, did'nt do up very high, it needs to be sold, it's really getting old, that paratrooper is mean,
that's some ride, the only thing missing was the century wheel witch was lost in a storm in kansas earlyer this year, hope they get a new one cause i hate their eli wheel, they need to sell it, the midway was very nice, i am defently going again and next time i'll make look a little better to see who many total rides they brought, but i can't remember of heart of america brought those 2 inflatibles (tornado slide and wave of fire) or not. i'm sure this was heart of america's final stop on their route before heading home to pasadana in texas, hope to see them again soon, well that's it. see you next year with a report from the san antonio stock show and rodeo with wade shows, see you then.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003 7:30:33 PM
That's cool. We havn't had anyone set-up in San Antonio for a while now! I havn't gone by the shop in a while, I think I'm gonna go by tommarow and say hi to Bubba(glen)Wood. If I see Michael, I'll let him know your feelings about the Techno Power leaving us. If the Techno Power is there I'll try to get you some pictures okay?[;)]