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Sunday, August 8, 2010 5:20:44 AM
does not seen like a lot of equipment for 5th largest state fair! Not even 50 rides (list has 47).
I know I know its all the spots call for and who am I to argue. It will probably be the best 47 rides out there 🙂
Sunday, August 8, 2010 7:05:52 PM
I've been saying this for years now, but then I get responses talking about the tight lot. I'm telling you that Gooding's used to get 60 or more rides in there (one year they advertised 70 rides, though I think that was stretching the truth a little), but they also used an area for kiddieland, back behind where the Mouse Coaster is usually set up at. That is still usable space if rides were rearranged.

And sadly, once again this fair seems only to rate a Wisdom Himalaya as opposed to a real Himalaya by Mack or Reverchon. C'mon this is the "State Fair" afterall!
I've never been "with it", just been an interested observer of carnivals for more than 50 years.
Johnny's United Shows..."A Family Tradition" and "All for Fun, Fun for All".
The carnival of my youth, which had roots that originated in my hometown.
Randy D.
Monday, August 9, 2010 4:26:40 AM
NAME plays Indy and Illinois state fairs at the same time. You think Indy is not getting much anymore try the Illinois State Fair. Link and Love shows brought in so many more high capacity spectaculars back in the day.
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