Tuesday, September 29, 2009 4:48:17 PM
OK so our fire company had their annual event back in July-August. It was 4 days, 1st day high rain threat and a shower that went through betwen 5-630pm (open at 5) thur a high threat of rain, fri rain all day until just around opening (im the one who posted the what would you do with the mud/water stability issue) and saturday a perfect weather day. My point is here that some of the people ont he fire co body are asking why have another event when we only made about 6,000 in our 4 days event but we can make almost 1100 in the social hall for a wedding or bingo for one day. My dad and a few others agree, its all about public relations too. Our event is usually up alot more, maybe 10-15,000 more profits. Dont you think it is worth doing another year since it was bad weather for all the midway companies this year? I know alot of places were hurting from rain, and i have seen a quote in another post that if you had rain you did bad for the week, if you had great weather and it was a good spot you did your normal grossing. Thanks to all
Tuesday, September 29, 2009 10:19:15 PM
Many non-proffits think that way. Some have even substituted fund raisers to just sending every resident an envelope to send money. It all depends if you have the volunteers for your event. Also, the fair can build and if it does you could be looking at more of a reward every year.
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