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Friday, August 14, 2009 10:05:51 PM
This evening, while driving around in Long Beach, Ca, I noticed what looked to be a dark ride or something else. Couldnt' tell but is was on a european trailer though. Surprising thing when I drove next to it, the tractor had RCS decals on it. Would anyone happen to know why an RCS rig plus ride would be driving around Long Beach? Considering the show is in Lancaster. Also the driver seemed lost, driving slow, stopping at every block. When I first saw the truck, he was coming out of a residential area, designated as a no truck route. Would anyone happen to know if RCS does in fact have something going on in the area? Booked in or whatever? Maybe there's some folks from RCS or someone who knows RCS may know the scope. Not a big deal or anything, just seemed odd to see that. Especially on a Friday night, and when I don't know of carnival happening in Long Beach this weekend.