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Saturday, July 4, 2009 9:36:26 AM

This is the first year for this event..It is being held at The Angelus House which is a full-time residential facility for the severely handicapped.
This is a wonderful organization (non-profit)..Charlie Daniels does a lot of volunteer work for it..

I should be able to see the fireworks from my house because it is less than a mile away(as the crow flies).

Music,food arts and crafts etc..No rides,but perhaps if the event grows,that may change

Hopefully the weather will cooperate.We certainly had our fair share of rain this week..Don't know if it made national news or not,but we had 3 plus inches of rain on Teusday and between 6 and 7 inches on Wednesday,causing some serious flooding in certain areas.

My niece could not leave home for over a day,I am fortunate in that my place is high and dry,and after the rains were over it all drained off..

At any rate the forecast is for a hopefully dry evening...I may swing over and check it out....jeff