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Monday, November 3, 2008 2:53:11 AM
If after all we have uncovered about Obama has not convinced you that he is wrong for our Country, then please listen to the link below before you cast your vote tomorrow.

This was released yesterday. It was discovered by a blogger. Where is the mainstream media?????????? What else is out there that has not come out yet?

In this interview Obama says Energy costs will increase under his plans. I predict inflation under this man. Remember 21% interest under Carter? I do. It put my Father out of business. Obama will make Carter look like a Saint.

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Monday, November 3, 2008 4:22:53 AM
It's time we had realists in Washington. These dreamers such as Ried, Pelosi and Obama have never held a real job, have always have money, never ran anything. We have tons of money waiting under the ground, money that would stay here, employ ten of thousands of people with good paying jobs, keep energy costs down and form the bridge to new green energy. As T Boone Pickens, a giant in oil says, we need to drill where the oil is. We need to drill where natural gas is, we need nuclear, wind, solar and flex fuels. We tried ethanol from corn, all that did was push up food prices and yet Nobama still wants it, McCain wants that waste of money stopped.

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