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Sunday, January 29, 2012 2:34:41 AM
Thank you JustJeff [:)]

Flamo - That's a great idea. There are plenty of veterans coming home (and recently arrived) who could use the work. Between them and local LEO's there should be plenty of teachers who can distinguish the difference for the kiddies.

I think "middle school"/Jr. High students are the perfect age to learn about gun safety in depth. Before that the majority should just be told, "Don't touch that". Exceptions will occur.

This is when they are usually expected to mature. They will be dissecting animals in science classes, reading more grown up books in English and begin primitive dating rituals; not to mention learning about politics and other real world horrors.

Later, in high school, these kids will attend Driver Education courses. They will be told the 4-cylinder '86 Honda they are practicing in is NOT a NASCAR vehicle or dragster. Maybe having gun safety courses off campus earlier will also help their parents and the Driver Ed. teacher mold their mushy minds around the idea of personal responsibility and CONSEQUENCES. [guns1-1]

The Dude
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Thursday, October 22, 2015 2:02:03 AM
flamo wrote:

Just look at today's video games. How close to real do you want to get? Even the modelers here will tell you the close to real the better.

Yes Flamo but dont you think GAMES ARE TOO REAL NOW??

Games are NOT SUPPOSED TO DEPICT REAL THINGS!! -- They are supposed to be FUN bud!!! (In the 80s they were INNOCENT FUN not like now)
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