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Sunday, June 15, 2008 6:25:38 PM
I was skimming through some pictures on someone's website from 2006, and saw a Wheel sticking up over the top of the arcade building at Goldston's Beach part of White Lake. Does anyone here know what else they have besides that Wheel? The Wheel appears to be an Eli Hy-5 Wheel or Garbrick Wheel from the looks of the seats. I know the Hy-5 Wheel doesn't go too high in the air, but still a good ways..enough to clear and see over the top of a small building. The last time i was there in '96, they had a Flying Bobs, Round-Up, and Scrambler outside of the entrance to the arcade. That's the first i've seen of that Ferris Wheel in that one photo sticking up over the top of the arcade building. The photo was from 2006, and would be awesome if they still had the Wheel there, would love to ride it! [8D]