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Monday, April 7, 2008 2:15:17 AM
This will be my final mention of Chasco related events.Some of you are probably saying thank God for that.[:D].
Any way,I personally think it is really getting lame,although the thousands who line the riverbanks obviously like it.
About halfway through my 6 year old daughter said" Daddy this is boring,can we go to the carnival now?"
So we headed over to the ride area.My only regret is missing the Hooters boat,usually the highlight of the boat parade.Not even sure if they were in it this year.
I saw the fancy toilets Herb mentioned in another post about Chasco.Didn't see anyone use them.Seems to me you would need a lot more usage to pay the 3 or 4 employees sitting around,not counting any privilege(if any),or other expenses. Not the same set-up as I saw a few years ago.That one was up on a trailer bed.
At any rate,went to carnival,bought $20 book of coupons ,my daughters went on a few rides ,went home.
On a final note.Talked to a couple employees.Girl on Dizzy Dragons said it had been slow all week,except for the first saturday(street parade day).And one jointee who just shook his head in disgust when I asked him what he thought of the spot.
As I have said before ,it looks like a hard way to make a living anymore.If I go back on the road in a couple years,I may look into grab joints vs. games.Like I have heard said several times,at least you know you will eat.....jeff

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Monday, April 7, 2008 9:23:59 AM
foods in the same boat as everyone else....
"NOW MICHAEL," said the teacher to the agressive youngster," what do you think your classmates would think of you if you were always kind and polite?"
" they'd think they could beat me up!...

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Monday, April 7, 2008 1:18:03 PM
Food is subject to high price increases. You may have noted that the lowly rice has taken a hit, well if that is so let's boost the Ss*** out of sugar and coffee for the H of it.

So you jack up your prices and the consumer sez, their ripping me.

Time to develop sneak spots for food and turn off the internet. Load the trucks and head to the next national disaster but network your way there ahead of time by contacting the feds.

Rides and games are subject to available cash, and there just ain't none no more. 12 gallons of fuel and i dropped $40 beans.

Livin on cheap beer and beans.
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