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Friday, April 4, 2008 2:18:01 AM
The second saturday is usually country night.While most entertainment in the park is free,for some reason they charge for this .
They wrap the concert area with a plastic type fence so non-paying event goers can not see the performers,but you can hear the music just as good on one side as the other,should you choose.
I don't ever go to the concert area for this,although several years ago Brooks and Dunn were there and we did hang around and listen.
I will take my daughters to the boat parade,then the carnival.Probably won't do wristbands,just buy a $20 strip of tickets and let them go on a couple rides each.....jeff
Between last weeks events ,the week befores disney trip,and last months county fair,my wallets getting a little low.
Hernando county fair is right around the corner.I see Reithoffer is playing it this year.I will take a ride up there and check them out.Havn't seen their show in ages.
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