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Monday, December 31, 2007 12:14:11 PM


Originally posted by 2ndgencarnie



Originally posted by alibiguyny

well no offense to 2ndgeneration. but maybe he needs to go pay a visit to his sisters chump hubby.............

alright alright, i didn't even see this dispicalble post until earlier today, since then i have been debating on what to do or say. So here we go...

1st of all, what a stupid thing to say. I was truly amazed and shocked when i read it. There are 2 different situations here, neither one of which is good. The Nolan fire is a true tragedy, and 4000 feet of cable is not cheap at all. To attempt to make light of the situation is just dead wrong. As I have said recently said on here, we are supposed to be a family in this business. Obviously some people don't see it that way any more. My sisters husband is not the only one who behaves likes this, unfortunetly he is the one who started this mess. Then Lucky me, with-it decided to throw me under the bus. I was really hoping that no one would figure out the connection here, as i feared just what is happening here.

I do not agree, endorse or accept anything he, nor anyone says on here as my views and opinions. I have grown up alot in the past 3 or 4 years making huge strides to be bigger than situations such as this. We all have stupid moments but i try to limit mine to the bare minimun. Sure i say things all the time that people don't agree with or makes them think i'm a moron, but i assure you again... I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

Everyone gets what they got coming, and he'll get his. Rise above those who talk negative and you will be rewarded(i try to tell myself that all the time). I ask that no one holds this against me. I can not control what he posts.

I agree that he was dead wrong and we don't need that kind of stuff on here.

All I wanted to point out was it was the person on the account was'nt who I belived the one posting from it....Maybe Matt needs to get his own account here and not hide behind Julies account if he wants to rang up....

Nick, I never said you had anything to do with the post...In order to be Guilty of "Guilt by Association" you actually got to choose who your associated with....
Monday, December 31, 2007 2:38:23 PM


Originally posted by flamo


I doubt if anyone is holding you responsible for that post and when I read With-it's reply he only pointed out it was done by someone far less honorable than you or your sister. I'd say to get one of the mods to delete that post and all of the following posts but it may be to late for that.

I definitely don't think with-it was trying to prosucute me for what he said. I was just trying to make the point that i knew sooner or later that someone was going to make the connection,even though i was hoping no one would.

I wasn't trying to rang up with Mr. With-it, my apologies if that was how it was taken, i just felt like i should say something to show my position and distance myself from what he said.
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