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Thursday, August 30, 2007 6:08:55 AM
Yesterday was opening day for the Central Wisconsin State Fair. A&P has the midway and last night Phil Vassar was the Grandstand Entertainment. My wife and I went to the show and Phil put on a great show, a good crowd on the grandstand and some of the independent food stands were busy but the midway could have been busier. A few people riding and a few people buying food from the carnival. According to the newspaper rides were all $1 a piece last night.

Games seemed quiet for the most part however when we were leaving the midway was closing down and the beer bust was still open with a line. It was busier earlier in the evening too, in fact it is the busiest I have ever seen this game.

Here is what was there...


Tilt A Whirl
Berry Go Round
Super Loops
Rock Wall
Super Slide
Funnel Force
Merry Go Round
Eli Wheel
Fire Chief
Dragon Wagon
Hampton Cycles
Tiger Inflatable
Kiddie Flyer Swings
Clown City Fun House
Crystal Caverns Glass House
Drop Zone Paratrooper


Connie's Candy Wagon
Funnel Cakes/Elephant Ears (2)
Classy Cafe
Snyder's 4H Stand
McMeen's Taffy
Cheese Curds And Fried Veggies (2)
Cheese Curds Stand
Cheese Curds Trailers (2)
Jamaican Kitchen
Babe's Candyland
Just Java Coffe Trailer
Cheesecake (2)
BBQ (2)
Z's Treats
Trinity Methodist Church Ice Cream
Sausage/Foot Long Hot Dogs Stand


Nascar Remote Control Racers
Balloon Darts
Lucky Ducks
Fish Til You Win
Melissa's Goldfish
Poster Darts
Fun Run
Fill 'Er Up
Beer Bust

I know there were other food and game vendors but when I was in that part of the midway it was late and things were shutting down. Can give a better report later in the week.

I will try to give regular updates and will try to update pics too. Here are last night's photos...


Mark H
Thursday, August 30, 2007 2:55:44 PM
Nice Pics!
G & S funnel cake.
Gary and Sheryl Shepherd. Good operators & Nice people!
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