Wednesday, August 8, 2007 7:16:24 PM
Mid-America Shows (NAME) is in Jackson (MI) this week. Went over there tonight after the morning in Corunna. Danny is on the lot for the week. They had 33 rides that I saw. Nice crowd tonight (Wed.) for pay one price bands ($15) until the rain came about 9:00 PM. I was told the afternoon was slow with the heat.

West Side:
Tinsel Town Mirrors
Ring of Fire
Starship 2000
Giant Wheel
Fun House
Dark Ride
Toon Town Fun House
Mini Indy Bumper Cars
Skater (Skateboard)
Freak Out (Long line for this ride!)
Pams Royal Palace of Fun (Fun House -- looked like new, very clean)

Transition area with games to East side:
Orient Express Kiddie Coaster

East Side:
1001 Nachts
Cliff Hanger
Bear Affair
MGR (3 abr.)
Yo Yo Swings
State Fair Super Slide
"Action" kiddie ride
Mini Swings
Airplanes and Helicopters
Sling Shot (down today)
Kiddie Bumper Boats
Hamp Trucks
Hamp Jeeps
Hamp Moto Cycles
Fire Chief

Some benches around, no shade tents. But overall they have nice equipment.