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Thursday, August 23, 2007 10:08:12 PM


Originally posted by flamo

Years ago the a guy with a spot joint, on Coleman I think. His joint was 8' as I remember and he always a broad sitting on the counter with a short skirt, low cut blouse, plenty of make up and not bad looking. I hope Sixcat remembers him. Anyway when he called a mark in he used to say, "Hey Stupid.", "Yeah you, come here." The mark usually went over, hot as hell, but always left the joint smiling. Never saw him with a beef and he always made money. I never did figure out why he never got popped but now he was agent, anybody trying that would have created heat. Now we have clerks, have we got to Walmart status?

Gee Bobby, don't say anything about Walmart. Some idiot will want greeters in joints again. I can't say I remember that guy but if he was showing off a broad in a short skirt, he'd get no beefs. Hell, I'd play the joint. [;)]
Sixcats have nine lives
Tuesday, January 10, 2023 9:57:28 AM
My late father worked the razzle from age 17 to 70...yes, I'm dead serious...but I'm not saying anymore than that out of respect for the flatties who are still out there today....I miss the good Ole days and yes, for many years, we had a decent home and my father, rest his soul, wore nice suits. To the Carnys of today? You're welcome.