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Saturday, August 4, 2007 7:13:56 PM
Some might think i'm a dummy, lol, but was curious about the lighting for the Huss Rainbow, and this goes for all pendulum rides. Ok, the ride itself sits on that massive drive there behind the sunshine face in the middle and relys on that to move left or right. As for the lighting, i was just curious how the "bow" on the gondola, the lamps next to the island girls, sunshine face & rays, and top cloud light up? Is there wiring that goes through the drive motor somehow?, or is it grounded?, like for instance, grounded through the frame / metal of the ride...a wiring set-up back there ( behind the sunshine face ), down there in that small box behind the ride itself at the bottom of the ladder. I was just wondering if they had wires with a socket that the light's wires plug into that spins 360 degrees without getting tangled up? lol

I might be thinking from the antique days / cave man technique, but i have always wondered, " how do they get those lights lit up on the Rainbow like that? " [8D] That's why i asked the question, " is it possible to put lights through the motor mount somehow on the Faller Rainbow to the sunshine face, gondola, and cloud up on top? "'d have to get the wires to "spin" with the ride itself without tangling up. That's what i've wondered with the real Rainbow ride, if they use wires that are carefully done up where the drive motor is, or if the wires are in, since the ride itself sits on all that metal & on the main drive in the middle, if the lights automatically light up once the power to drive the lights / make them come on is hitting on that metal from a major power source.

I might not be making it clear, but just wondered how rides now days operate, especially the Rainbow, the lights & such. Oh, and the gondola of the Rainbow, i see a wire or two hanging on the sides of the gondola sometimes, Myrtle Beach Pavilion's Rainbow had them on the sides, i think i saw them on Wade Show's & Strates Show's Rainbows, how the gondola's lights light up when it sits on that square piece to on the bottom boom, if there are wires for when the gondola gets bolted to the square back there, if the wires then connect, or if once the gondola is on the ride, the lights automatically come on because it's a grounded source. This goes for the 1001 Nachts too, the gondola's lighting, if a wire runs through the main place where the gondola sits / pivots to the gondola to make the lights come on.


PS When i had the Faller Rainbow, i tried the lighting technique, but had no such luck, maybe the next Faller Rainbow i get i can try it and see what happens. Be nice to have a yellow light behind the sunshine face & 2 on the gondola where the lamps sit, and cloud up top.
Saturday, August 4, 2007 7:33:55 PM
Commetator Rings
Saturday, August 4, 2007 9:56:20 PM
In the carnival trade they are called commutators but they are also called slip rings. In most cases they are just a band of copper with brushes that allows the electricity to go to motors or lighting.