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Monday, July 30, 2007 5:17:07 AM
All I have is a ride list.
I know it may NOT have called for them, but you could have put at least another 10 rides in there...
42 Rides total.

Midway 1
1. Hamp-U wheelie bikes
2. Fire Chief
3. Construction Zone
4. Monkey Maze Glass House
5. Giant Wheel
6. Wisdom 4X4 Trucks (booked I think)
7. Inflatable Slide
8. Dizzy Dragons
9. Fire Trucks (booked I think)
10. Double Carousel
11. Kiddie Wave Swinger
12. Donald Duck Wet Boats
13. Mini Indy
14. Dinosaurs
15. Go Gator

Midway 2
1. Tilt
2. Enterprise
3. Zipper
4. Musik Express
5. Cliff Hanger
6. KMG Fireball
7. Scrambler
8. Wave Swinger
9. Pan’s Palace of Fun Fun House (booked)
10. Haunter Mansion Dark Ride
11. Starship 2000
12. Himalaya

Midway 3
1. Mario land (booked)
2. Red Barron Bi-Plains
3. 3D-Inflatable Bounce (Booked)
4. Jalopy Junction
5. Mini Himalaya
6. Paddle Boats (booked)
7. Jurassic Inflatable Obstacle Course (booked)
8. Rock & Roll (booked)

Midway 4
1. Wacky Worm
2. Sea Ray (booked)
3. Scooter
4. Top Spin
5. Thunder Bolt
6. Larson Fire Ball
7. Super Slide

No ReMix. Not sure if they have it or not any more?

Monday, July 30, 2007 6:21:50 AM
Strates no longer has their Remix, it went back to England this past winter. As for the ride count, A of A has had around the same number of rides there in years past.

Sea Ray is Steve Ianni's.

4x4 Trucks, Marioland, the two inflatables, Paddle Boats, & Rok N Rol are from Wonderland Amusements.

Fire Trucks are with the show.

I forget who the Pan's Palace of Fun belongs to.

Add Carol Stream Amusements' lineup to what was there, and you have the typical NY State Fair lineup. Not so sure that this fair even deserved what was there, let alone more stuff. One thing they do need, is more fair-type exhibits.
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Monday, July 30, 2007 10:05:51 AM
Thanks cny_chris, you made some good points...
I believe JimmyD mentioned that the Pan's Palace of Fun was now Steve Ianni's as well.

So since all the recent retirements of rides Strates ride lineup is down to 34. Not that that is a small number, but now I understand why the Train is getting shorter... They used to carrie 40 plus!
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Monday, July 30, 2007 12:00:04 PM
I'm sitting here at my desk watching all of the pretty trailers going town the road.

From what I am hearing from folks that made it over there they were happier with the fair this year than they have been in the past.

"Pans" does belong to Steve
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Saturday, August 11, 2007 8:47:48 PM
I never made it over there this year but i heard from a few friends the midway was even smaller this year !! Just as i thought it would be. I would have liked to have seen strates stuff though and would of really like to have seen them unload the train . OH well maybe next year . Hope strates did well in middletown . I Just wish the fairgrounds themselves would make some improvements and bring back more of the free entertainment. Most of my friends don't go as they say middletown is to expensive . I agree with that . most people in my area wait and go to the honesdale, pa fair which is pay one price i think $7 which is going on now i think this weekend is the last weekend .