Monday, July 16, 2007 5:55:05 PM
the 2 coasters from the closed myrtle beach pavillion have been found. in fact they were never removed from the city. they are stored in the parking lot at nascar speedpark, not far from the old pavillion amusement park. check out www.screamscape.com  for more info.
Monday, July 16, 2007 10:58:40 PM
Thanks for that link, i also found some good shots of the Pavilion on the last ride day and interesting reads. Thank God they destroyed that P.O.S. Hurricane, i hated that sucker, i hoped they burned every structure of it. [:(!] Why did i hate it, it was ROUGH, last summer when we went to the beach, i rode it one night, on one curve i thought my spinal cord was going to break in half, that sucked totally!! I read in a sentence, " to save the Hurricane and other classic rides like the Haunted Hotel... Hurricane a classic, have they been under a rock?? Hello, the CorkScrew was a HELL of ALOT better, it had been there since 1978, until ' 99 when they sold it to another park down in South America to make room for that piece of junk Hurricane coaster.

I think if they had left the Pavilion alone and left it looking like it did in the mid to late 80's, they would've done alot better now days, with no fence up around the park, left the great CorkScrew coaster...much smoother, And it went upside down [8)], more than i can say for crappy Hurricane, ha ha, you suck! [|)] Heck, the Galaxi coaster was rough, but not like that Hurricane, gosh, so yeah, i was thankful to see the Hurricane come down and demolished ya-hoo! What they should've done is left the CorkScrew there. I remember one day riding the CorkScrew 30 or 40 or more times in a row, back to back, yes, i loved it, loved the feel of going upside down in those 2 corkscrew loops...nope, it didn't last long, but the thrill of the first drop & curve into those loops was Awesome! [:)] I remember throwing out my arms in the 2nd loop on the CorkScrew & making faces to the crowd below, what a rush! [8D] Hurricane did nothing for me, just the opposite when the CorkScrew was there, it had everything, good speed, no roughness, went upside down, just a good short upside down coaster. [:o)]

I've seen what the new Led Zepplin coaster is looking like over at the new Hard Rock Park opening in 2008, that thing is simply awesome!! It will go upside down 6 times, oh yeah! [:D] If they have wooden coasters of some sort at Hard Rock Park, i hope they're NOT rough like the crappy Hurricane was, that would be horrible if they are. [:(] Those wooden coasters like at Carowinds and Kings Dominion Doswell, VA...they are a little rough, but God, not like the Hurricane was, so good ridance to Hurricane, yay and don't come back again ever in Myrtle Beach! What would be neat is if Hard Rock Park gets a future CorkScrew coaster later in the future. Carowinds has the Carolina Cyclone, that is the same as the late CorkScrew that sat at the Pavilion all of those years, except it goes upside down 4 times, 2 straight up loops, 2 corkscrew loops, awesome! [8D]