Mel Fabrikant
Friday, May 18, 2007 10:31:40 AM
The other day, I visited Dennis Vourderis of Deno's Wonderwheel Park in Coney Island. The aura and atmosphere of Coney Island is changing. Heck, they are even trying to make Nathan's into a fast food joint!

Norman Kaufman has pulled up stakes and may go down to one of the islands. His son went to Long Island. The property has been taken over by a developer and housing destined to go there. I hear they even took a part of Jim McCullough's property. To his north, Astroland is no longer and a new park may be replacing it.

12th Street is pretty much the same. Due to Ron Guerrera's demise, Susan, his widow is taking over the helm.

When I asked Dennis about his park, he quoted Deno, his late father. Anything is available for a price. Dennis and his brother Steve would consider a hefty offer, but the Wonderwheel remains.
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