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Sunday, April 8, 2007 6:54:35 PM
Maybe they mean that's what they want for all the kiddie rides lol.
<h5>"If you cant run with the BIG dogs stay on the porch"</h5>

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 2:51:25 AM


Originally posted by with-it

It's good to know about the Floods....I don't think the ad mentioned the Ride was Under Flood Water twice.....

I don't believe that ride was there when it flooded out. As Sue posted it came in there last year.
I was at the park about 2 years ago when it was closed, what a shame... you could feel the history. I guess time just runs away from the simple things in life, like a saturday afternoon with the family at the local amusement park. Now we have to move it every week to bring excitement to a community on a temporary basis. It looked to me like that park was a happening place a looooong time ago. Now it is just history.