Ryan Russell
Friday, July 1, 2005 5:46:35 AM
I've been waiting for Indiana Ted to post this since this is his hometown event and he usually does but I'll go ahead and do it anyway.

With the little lady having cravings for elephant ears w/ her pregnancy we took a trip to Brazil,IN to the 4th of July Celebration see All American Shows. They have played this event for as long as my 29 years can remember being the Portemonts have some family ties to the city. Rides included: Century Wheel, Scooter, Kamikaze, MGR, Wipeout, Fury, Tornado, Star Trooper, Raiders, Fun Slide, Construction Zone, Dragon Wagon, Spin the Apple, Speedway, KryptKeeper walk-thru, Fun House. There were several games, 5 food stands, and a rock climbing wall.

In all due respects All American is a great show but I have to be honest that I really wasnt all that impressed with them this year. The midway was smaller with less rides than in the past with the Mardi Gras missing this year and I believe some kiddies as well, the lights on the Star Trooper & the Kamikaze wasnt working. The Krypt Keeper was down when I was there and there were alot of lights out on the Century Wheel.

All American is one of the better shows that come thru here and have always been a favorite of mine but maybe I just caught them on a bad night.
Matt C.
Friday, July 1, 2005 10:00:45 AM
Ryan, did you snap any photos? I dont think I have seen many pic of the show.
Matt Cook
Matt's Carnival Warehouse / Matt's Web Design
Larry Smith
Saturday, July 2, 2005 3:14:27 PM
We kinda got the same thing down here. Not sure whats going on but when you have about 8-10 thousand people on the grounds on a Saturday night and they are fighting to geet on like 14 or 15 pieces,10 of which are classified as kiddy rides then it gets kinda interesting.

Matt I got a few shots around here somewhere from last year and 2003. Gimme a few days to try and find them.....I got a pic of their rehabbed Wipeout on my yahoo photos from Mobile last year. That thing looks sweet!!!
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Saturday, July 2, 2005 3:41:06 PM
I wont mention his name..but one of my good friends was with the Portermonts for a few seasons..and when I went to visit him, I saw the show go down starting 2-3 seasons ago.. Terry & Teresa are more interested in playing golf (nothing wrong with that in its proper time & place) but the show is not their # 1 priority..I also understand that they relagated Marilyn's role in the show..and that Tropic has re-poed one of their pieces, but then I was told they got it back.. FYI.. All-American shows was not started by Johnny Portermont, but the original All-American was founded by the late John Reed..and was based out of Attalla Alabama... One thing is for sure,,All-American no longer lives up to its motto..("Pride of the Nation").....Sad....
Dan L.
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Saturday, July 2, 2005 4:45:28 PM
Mardi Gras went to Farrow yellow unit if I remember right.
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Saturday, July 2, 2005 9:04:06 PM
Larry Smith
Sunday, July 3, 2005 2:58:20 PM
Well I am sure wondering where IndianaTed is at right now........If anyone can shed some light on all of this he sure can.....
Sunday, July 3, 2005 9:40:30 PM
Sorry for not posting sooner but for the last 6 months or so I have done nothing in this room but "lurk". I won't rehash what was the cause of this, but let's just say that from now on, I will choose very carefully what I say and who I will respond to.

Thanks Ryan for giving a very descriptive and accurate report. Also I would fully agree with most everything that JB commented on.

First the good...

The Star-Trooper is on the midway here for the first time since 3 years ago. Since this ride was once posted "for sale" on usedrides.com, it was really nice to see it again as I always liked it.

Now, the not-so-good...

That same Star-Trooper is showing some age. It had several missing bulbs, and several more that were burnt-out. Beyond that, the ride was only lifting to a max of 30 degrees (if that?), when the normal lift would be to about 45 degrees.

The Wipeout's base was not rotating tonight either. The carriage of the ride would spin, and the arm would lift, but the base stayed in the same position all night.

Also, the Mardi-Gras and the German-themed FunHaus are absent. Could these be the piece(s) that JB was referring to?

Jon Marconi supplemented the midway last year with two rides, the Tilt-A-Whirl, and Touchdown. Neither of these made it this year. So there is 4 major pieces that we had last year that we didn't get this year.

In general, this Show had started in slight decline right about the same time that Marilyn Portemont stopped traveling with the Show. Well, I can only speak of when I see them...but if she is not coming "home" with the Show, then I think she probably isn't around it much otherwise either. I still don't know what the story is for her absence, but I'm told it isn't her health.

Another thing that is bothering me about AAS, although I like very much having them around, it seems to me that last year and this year both, they had an empty week right in the heart of their season. Our festival here is a nice small-town festival. But it is not one that I deem as being worthy of lasting ten days. It could last only 8 days, and AAS could have played another spot the week before they would have to be here.

This year our festival started on saturday the 25th, with AAS's equipment showing up on the previous sunday the 19th. Seems like a long time to spend waiting to start a festival in a small town that they never stayed for more than a week in before last year. I really wonder why they aren't playing a spot right before ours, and haven't for two straight years now.

I like this Show, and I want it to be able to get back to the standards that they used to be. But until I see tangible evidence otherwise, I truly worry for the future of it.

To clarify the history of All-American Shows...JB may be right, as far as there being an All-American Shows before the Portemonts became involved. But it would not have been this Show.

When the Portemont family decided to get back into the carnival business, in 1981 they purchased a carnival called "Fred's Playland" based out of Virginia, I believe. They renamed this Show All-American Shows. I'm assuming the other AAS had ceased to exist, or at least I think they wouldn't choose a name already in use...but hey, I could be wrong, and have been before.

I've never been "with it", just been an interested observer of carnivals for more than 50 years.
Johnny's United Shows..."A Family Tradition" and "All for Fun, Fun for All".
The carnival of my youth, which had roots that originated in my hometown.
Monday, July 4, 2005 5:18:46 AM
as for john marconi...his touchdown is for sale and he has already sold his cape fear to a firm overseas and the tilt he was moving last year was his brother's family attractions (dominic macaroni) not sure if he will be moving it this year or not
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Larry Smith
Monday, July 4, 2005 11:38:54 AM
Thats a shame about the Cape Fear. Glad I got a chance to see it up close last year in Pensacola. Nice ride. That a 2 trailer ride I assume?
  •  jb
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Monday, July 4, 2005 8:44:06 PM
To Indiana Ted..The First All-American had nothing to do with the present one.. Johnny Portermont simply asked for and got permission to use the name.. The original All-American was a flat joint show with average equipment you would find in a show based in the 60's & early 70's.. Of ANY show that is no longer with us, my deepest regrets are and always will be that Johnny Keef's Capital City Shows did not survive his death in 1975.. His motto was "South's Cleanest Midway"..a motto he always lived up to... Right now..there are a lot of good looking shows on the road..but I find it hard to beat Belle City as far as the shape the equipment is in..and the Panaceks are top notch show people..in my book !!!!
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