Wednesday, April 27, 2005 2:42:08 PM
is this fair in miami close to the international airport. i havbe a dvd of miami anternational and there is a ferris wheel set & runnng. the ferris wheel is about 1 mile or so away from the runway that the planes were taking off on. i even looked at a ran mcnally road atlas and the dade county fairgronds looks like they are very close to miami's international airport. is this ture?
Wednesday, April 27, 2005 2:57:16 PM
The fair is about 30 minutes away from the aiport. In fact, the fairgrounds is on the campus of Florida International University at Tamiami Park. I do not believe that the ferris wheel that you had seen was at the Dade County Fair. Even driving down Coral Way, you cannot see Conklin's wheel until you are at the stop light at the corner of Coral Way and 112th Street.