Sunday, December 7, 2008 1:08:08 PM
my good friend and running buddy has past away. I broke Vicki Rodriguez into the business in the mid 1980's. We worked for Wade shows. Iwas head of the Candy Game and anything else that involved a mic. Vicki went on to bigger and better things. She hopscotched around and worked many different games. she has worked for Dick Carl, Bill Mcglaughlin Blue Grass Shows. she came back home to be with her kids to try and give them a good life,and now they are without a mother. Jon is 19 now and will have to take care of his 10 year old sister. Her Dad' Joe past earlier this year also. So please say aprayer for the Kids and for me as she was my best friend in the whole world.
Booboo if you are out there, Gary Chapman,Stephanie,any one who might remember us please give me a call.Everyone knew me as Mean Jean the CrazyBall Queen or the candylady.
Keepus in your prayers. Jeanne(Cyphert) Dieter 517-588-1996 [:(]
Jeannie D.