Friday, October 15, 2021 12:52:26 PM
So after a few years of not being able to attend, my family and I went out to this fair to see it again, Reithoffer Shows has the midway, so here is a line up:

Mulligan Wheel
The Beast
Racing Coaster
Tidal Wave (new to fair)
Himalaya (Wisdom)
Ring of Fire
Bumper Cars x2
Full Tilt
Glass House
Fun House
Wacky Worm
Double Umbrella (on one trailer)
Iron Dragon
Central Park
Kiddie Scrambler
K. Himalaya
More kiddies

It was nice to see the Racing coaster return, it had been absent for a number of years. Also, at least for what I have seen, it was nice the see that they still have that double Umbrella on one trailer, thought they had dropped it. Seeing the Tidal Wave there for the first time was a treat as well, yes just a Thunderbolt, but to my knowledge had never been there. Notable absent this year was the Zipper (something usually always there), the Pharaoh's Fury, Scrambler, and lot less games, it was usually always packed with games.
Still, nice midway, was pretty busy last night with armbands. I do have some pictures on my phone, if one of you guys can tell me the easiest way to post them here will do so.

Oh, and got to speak with a couple of long time employee's about the show (one of them actually used to move the Sky Diver) and enjoyed discussing some of the older rides. We did discuss the Sea Seesturmbahn which sadly is still sitting at their WQ in Florida. But of course he reinforced what we have heard on here, that is just such a beast of a ride and there are not enough "real" men as he put it to move it (not to mention rebuilding it costs). Sadly, I don't think we will ever see it again on the road, at least not with them. They did agree as I had thought though, if someone had the money, good crew, and the resources to buy it, restore it, and book it on the independent route it would be a unique show piece for fairs like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas State Fair, and others.

Going to the Union County Fair next week if possible with Prime Time Amusements (is that correct name now?), will post what they have down there. Was going to go to the state fair as they have some unique rides there that haven't been there in a long while or at all, but they are really enforcing the mask (even outside) stuff, and with the distance I will skip this year and try again next. However, I did see on the list for the state fair the following in case any of you all want to go (Delusion, Scrambler, Super Himalaya).