Tuesday, December 27, 2016 8:46:38 AM
So it's that time of year again. Anyone maybe from Germany know if anything is rumored? Or if there's a release date for the catalog?

Hoping again for Huss Enterprise and traditional themed Pirat at the top of my list.

Would also like a full size Hully Gully, or Schwarzkopf loooper of some sort. Olympia or Test Track would be amazing.
Tuesday, December 27, 2016 10:56:21 AM
Yeah I would like to see any of those for next year
I personally would love to see them introduce a Star Flyer or more classics like the enterprise or ranger rather than yet another updated re-released kit as much as I like the Millennium and the new bumper cars version
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Matt C.
Tuesday, December 27, 2016 4:32:31 PM
Usually they make their announcement around Feb 1, but if anyone hears anything, let us know!
Matt Cook
Matt's Carnival Warehouse / Matt's Web Design
Wednesday, December 28, 2016 7:40:21 AM
Yeah, I was thinking a bit earlier originally, but looking back at the thread from a year ago, looks like it was January 28th when news hit. Maybe it's been earlier in the month sometimes in the past. I also remember when the Octo* was announced it wasn't in the initial catalog but announced a couple months later or something like that.