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Sunday, May 18, 2014 9:02:56 PM
this is a test post for me to familiarize myself with the interface

Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself to this carnivalwarehouse network! I have been working with a number of companies, providing my consulting expertise for special transportation needs specifically in the carnival and traveling entertainment industry. I have experience with more permanent locations, where we worked on distribution for prizes, foods, other merch/gear for staff members, etc. I would like to come here to learn more about the industry so I can connect my 3pl knowledge for all third party logistics, in hopes to make some connections for future pick and pack service innovations.

I personally think the carnival industry is a great area to explore distribution and warehouse services because it is one of the industries that brings its capital with it on the road, so it is unique to other 3pl and order fulfillment services I've dealt with before. If you have any questions about warehouse distribution and what I can do specifically as far as tying e-commerce fulfillment to a streamlined successful carnival operation, don't be afraid to ask. I've consulted for <a href=">3PL Warehouse Order Fulfillment Service Center</a> for years and am excited to expand with other companies outside of the traditional pick n pack channel.

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