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Sunday, May 12, 2013 1:38:58 PM

Almost missed them, and although they are done today, got a chance to see Reithoffer’s Blue Unit at the Staten Island Mall over in Staten Island. Everything looked very good and there were some big pieces there as well. This piece of the Blue Unit is heading over to Brooklyn tonight to play the Kings county fair (off exit 14 of the Belt Parkway) starting latter next week.

Can’t believe I got to see Butler Amusements and Reithoffer in the same week…

At the mall was:

1. Kite Flyer
2. Hot Wheels (mini Indy kiddy bumper cars)
3. Western Mouse coaster
4. Jungle of Fun (Fun house)
5. Super Himalaya
6. Gentle Giant Giant Wheel
7. Wild Claw (KMG FireBall)
8. Haunter Mansion (Dark Ride)
9. Sizzler
10. Stinger
11. Roc N Roll (Fun House)
12. Wisdom Tornado
13. Pharaoh’s fury
14. Scooter
15. Wild Mouse Spinning Coaster
16. Sky Flyer vertical swing
17. Avalanche
18. Crystal Lil’s (Glass House)
19. SpeedWay
20. Bee Bop Bee’s
21. Wiggle Worm
22. Orbiter
23. Grand Carousel (4-abreast)
24. Flying Tigers
25. Fun Slide
Monday, May 13, 2013 8:12:33 PM
Nice Pics Thanks.
Stop complaining...Nobody cares anyway!!