Wednesday, June 6, 2012 11:10:04 PM
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Yeah, really.
My oldest daughter's father has never been in a position to pay child support. The poor guy has been making $10 an hour or less (and I mean MUCH less sometimes-when she was a baby in 93, he made $5/hr) and trying to keep his own head above water for years...I never pursued child support, and never expected it. Sometimes it was all he could do to find bus fare to visit her once a month or so. I got state insurance for my daughter for a couple years and now the state is going after him and acting like he's a criminal. It's ridiculous.
On the other hand, my ex husband is a total deadbeat. He works on the same midway as me and I can't even get him to pay the babysitter every other week without a huge scene. He's not on paper as owing, but he sucks..I understand not having it during the winter, but hello? we're open. it comes to $160 each a month and I've been paying the whole $320.
So owing child support AS DETERMINED BY THE STATE doesn't make you a deadbeat...being a deadbeat makes you a deadbeat...

That's funny. How many $10 an hour jobs does he have? Anybody willing to work can find work, and you know it. State insurance means other people are paying for his kid's insurance. Whatever happened to if you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em?

Why aren't you going after the ex on the same lot?
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Thursday, June 7, 2012 1:52:57 AM
The Ex on the same lot makes cash and has never filed taxes. I don't see the point of getting a court order for the support. What, so they can put him in jail when he doesn't pay? How does that benefit anybody? It's not as if they can garnish his wages...

The $10/hr ex works hard, and has tried to help out over the years, but I just can't take his money from him (our daughter is now 19, so it's moot anyways at this point, but I never could). I make money. The baby was always taken care of and I didn't need his money. He, on the other hand, needed his money to survive. Believe me, 40 hrs at $10 doesn't leave you with much money, living in Chicago...

I've almost always paid for my own insurance, but there were a couple years that I couldn't. I feel like healthcare should be accessible to everyone anyways, so I'll just leave it at that.