Thursday, June 19, 2008 3:26:17 AM
RAS,80's...Been in my thoughts alot lately,oh such stories,memories,,,good times,family forever,,you can never go home when your home is gone,,i love you RAS,,,you will be part of my soul forever,Jamie Larocca,,,20 years,not bad for a midway romance huh,,,3 kids,almost grown up,where has time gone,life goes forward,memories go backwards..born to the life,always with it in my heart,,,where have you all gone,,i dont know where to go so i guess ill have to fly,id like to dream of all the things before i die,so where did you go,and its getting so much harder to be one of these days,its so much harder to believe,and did they know,stop to breathe,watch it grow and tumble to the sky,,and its getting so much harder to be one these days, so much harder to believe,train cars,,who would of thought anyone would miss,,those smelly cramped cars,yet here i am and i do,silly,,trucks took away the majic,snake women,fat women,tallest woman,tatoo woman,bending women and dancing women,,,where have you all gone,im still here,i find that extremely funny,oh the stories i could tell,i think im getting old now,dont feel old,yah i probably looking that way,i always been easy to look at,i had the knack,taking a yard note for a 3 dollar bear,and then pulling out the next,,points,,sawbucks,,fins,yard notes,,does anyone use those terms,i wonder,are there anymore giant 3 dollar bears,,yah i think im getting old,trip down memory lane.Ringmaster are you the same ringmaster,,,from chicago,,age would be about the same,I worked with your wife,,now there was a woman who had the loudest call on the midway,we were so competitive,hope thats you,it would be cool,improbable but very cool,good night all, normal life sucks but it pays the bills,warm bed,same one every night,is that good? Shrugs,most nights it is,,but lately,,,Maybe its the cancer,,ugly word,isnt it,the book the 5 people you meet in heaven,will you all be there,thanks for listening people,Home,,i miss it,but im one of the lucky ones,i carry it in a backroom of my heart,,dusty,slightly unused,blowing off the dust,,and it sparkles like fairy dust,smiles,,and turns around and walks away
Thursday, June 19, 2008 1:53:27 PM
Ahh, so you're the one who signed my guestbook![:D]


Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:17:09 PM
Lol! Yeah it does look like that![:D] Oh, and the five people you meet in Heaven, I own that book, it's by Mitch Albom.

Sunday, June 29, 2008 10:28:45 PM
[:D]Here's a shot for all of you R.A.S. lovers out there, Calgary Stampede 1960 something!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008 8:47:28 PM
That pic by Skywheeel88, looks like St.Paul, Minn. Is that so?
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008 9:33:34 PM


Originally posted by Tre in GA

Look at the second lighting tower in your second pic. The green tower. Now look at the base of it, what is that ? Looks like a hydro trooper but I knoww that isnt what it is, is it?
Thats a great pic Kenny. I really wish I could have seen a midway like that atleast once. I think Royal came thru here once in 89, did they do units when they became a Road show?

Tre, I think that is the Meteor

Kim, yes that is St. Paul
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 10:26:13 PM
Top pic is indeed St. Paul, second pic is Calgary and the line of rides goes, Round Up, Octopus, tower, Trabant, Caterpillar, tower, Fly-O-Plane, Giant Wheel, tower.

Thursday, July 3, 2008 9:49:38 PM
Kenny, that 1st pic o'yours, St.Paul. I can help with the line-up.
On the left bottom, starting up is Hank Renn's (Henry Thomas Rennison, QWAK_QWAK ) 10-in-1 show "Theater-of-Leger-Domain". Among other things, Hank was the body-building coach who brought a guy name Sean Connery far enough along to win Mr. Dallas Texas. He also worked extensively with pro wrestlers of the time. 'nother story. He's my next door nieghbor in Tampa.
Then Teo Zacchinni's Witches Castle. 'nother story.
And now, Rudy Klaesons' Swiss Bobs. Finest Kind. The R.A.S. only booked quality.Some of the BEST people in the Biz.
The European Mouse owned by Skip WSilson, I believe built by Warren Volk.
Ahh, the Matterhorn, owned by Wayne Jones and the Sedelmeyers. That's where I grew up.
We always set down 1 from Bobby Wynn's Arcade, run by his son Danny.Top-Notch operators.
Joe Galassso's Little Horse( or Giant Rat) show was always just off theright side joint line-up.
CJ 2nd did not vary from the standard lay-out often.
Center line, on the ALWAYS 90' Midway has the top-o-the Tobaggon, 2nd man Frenchy, who was actually the best man. Yellow Tower, erected by the ever vigilant and ubiquitous "Tower-Flowers".
Rudy Klaesons' Enterprise. "nother story.
R.A.S.'s Scrambler, foreman'd by the George Stidham, God Rest His Soul. 'nother story,yeah again.
Super-Loops, I think led by Elijah (Gomer) DeWitt that year. '77?
The big white blob on the center line-up is Bobby and his lovely wife Flo Hasson's Custard Stand. yea-yea 'nother story.
Chance Rok-N-roll.(old A.H. Looper)I believe this was the the f'man, ol' dufus fell'n broke his arm on t-d.
Ol' black Russel's Round-up. That family was finest-kind.
Tower, then Chance Yo-Yo. OK,'nother story.
It would be the big ground -mount Skooter, run by ol' Don Wilcox. The Best. We shared the little D-2 Cta on s-up/t-down.
Now I THINK, this season that Red-head Ted had the 'Diver, Chip Hanson was already over on the Seattle Wheel by then. OOOOOH the stories that should never be told about Chip-n-Carla. No, really good people, and friends.
Pretty sure the last ride in That line would be the 4-abreast Ginny.
Ya wanna find the old-man, and he's out on the lot, go to the Ginny,look in one'a the chariots, you'l find 'im.

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Friday, July 4, 2008 12:07:56 AM


Originally posted by KIM JONES
The European Mouse owned by Skip WSilson, I believe built by Warren Volk.

Thanks Kim![:D][:D][:D] Now regarding the European Mouse, that's a Flash Coaster isn't it? Is that what R.A.S. called their Flash Coaster?


Friday, July 4, 2008 8:55:08 PM
If memory serves me correctly,(huh), that was Cliff Wilson's (Skip Wilson's Father, from Tulsa). And it was a copy of the Euro style. Warren Volk was,is, extremely capable.
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Friday, July 4, 2008 9:09:01 PM
That Euro-Style Mouse was about the most UNNERVING thing. Every Time I'd do a hard right looking outta the MatterHorn control house to see how Jr. Klaeson's EnterPrise was doing, I'd get an eyefull of a Mouse (Flash) car coming at me, eye-level, 4' away.
And I was ALWAYS watchin' the Enterprise, to make sure he hadn't slipped an extra load on me. No Enterprise was gonna out-run our 'Horn. Not on MY shift.
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Sunday, July 6, 2008 8:45:20 AM
I have also seen the name Arthur Lamkin (or Lampkin, not sure of the correct spelling) in connection with the Flash and Tornado coasters.
Bill P
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Monday, July 7, 2008 2:09:28 AM
I recall Flash played with Strates in NY in 1977; Elmira, Hamburg & Syracuse.
Tornado played with Strates in 78. Did Flash go to RAS in 78? Heard they were BOTH on RAS after 78.
Flash was unusual in that it was almost square rather than rectangular. It also had a number of sections of flat track.
Monday, July 7, 2008 5:39:23 PM
Is this the same Arthur Lampkin whom built Dodgems?
By the way these stories and reminicsings are very interesting, especially anything authenic re: RAS.
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Monday, July 7, 2008 6:45:16 PM
dave, i believe your right, auther did build dogem cars, he owns has a diesel shob down in tampa, working on shows equipment from gens, to tractors, plus i believe he has a few other projects happenin..
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