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i thought my puter was messed up

Does anyone go to any other sites? When I couldn't get on here, I tried a couple other sites & had no problem, so I knew the problem was here.
The only problem with this being down, Tommy doesn't update his site with new/used rides every minute, so it gets pretty boring.[;)]

I tried other sites and things were fine, so I knew it was Matt's. I even went so far as to try sites Matt hosts over then weekend and they didn't want to come up, but they were fine today.

Knowing why one has withdrawal doesn't ease the pain you know.
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 9:19:19 PM
I tryed to get on our site 'Wade Shows' and it was out too! I don't know since Matt designed it that it is ran from his system or not but I got onto most everything else on the web. I also noticed that the web was running really slow yesterday, unless I just had too much Mt Dew! LOL
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