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I am not sure what the arrangement is between Gene and Sam. I know we have been combining our 3rd unit with his show for some spots, and are playing as many as 4 or 5 at a time over the next few weeks. I am primarily on the main unit (# 1), so I don't really know to much about what they are doing. Sam has a Pharaoh's Fury and a Century wheel. Those are probably the rides you read about, but I have not heard that Fiesta Shows has purchased them. I try to stay out of that stuff, as I am not one of the big decision makers, and if you listen to rumors, you might find yourself believing your show has booked a major gig on Jupiter. LOL.


Originally posted by Tornado
With the size and quality of your show how come you don’t travel out side of New England?

I can answer that. Because they own New England. Why leave when you have every good spot locked up?
Sixcats have nine lives
who is running the third unit
Thanks biggames…

Not many flumes or Flitzer coaster on the road... Sad to hear they are gone or at least one of them…

I just read in the June issue of Carnival magazine that you guys bought out Sam Pino Amusements and the plan is to operate that equipment as a 3rd unit. I thought you guys already have 3 units on the road?

It says included in the deal is a Giant Wheel. Does this mean that you now have 2 Giant Wheels being that you already have one?

It mentions a Sea Dragon as well. I know you already have 2, so does this one make 3 now?

Other ride mentioned Cobra, Trabant, Scooter, Round-Up, Go-Gator, Slide and a fun house.

With the size and quality of your show how come you don’t travel out side of New England?

We still have the flume, but I think it is involved with our purchase of a Fabbri Spinning Coaster, which should arrive later this summer.

The Flitzer was sold to a park in California, I believe. It was sold last year.
Thanks BigGames...
Is the Raging Rapids flume still for sale or did they deside to keep it?
Also, what ever became of the Grand Prix (AKA Flitzer) coaster? Still have it or was it sold?
If sold where did it end up?
I am with Fiesta Shows and can answer some of these questions.
We have 1 Giant Wheel
We have 1 Flume, but have owned 2 over the years...not at the same time.
We have the only Aeromax, and theres a reason ther is only one. No safety issues, but reliability has been horrible.
We took delivery of a new Owen Haunted Mansion last week.
We are taking delivery of a Freak Out today.
We bought another Majestic Scooter.
We traded our Sizzler in on a Tornado this past winter.
Our Diver retired about 4 or 5 years ago
The Foxboro gig has been seriously beefed up this year to be more of a fair, with a large zoo, Marvel Comic characters, and extreme BMX shows.
We never has a Skymaster for sale, but we did sell our 1001 Nachts.
Foxboro is open for 3 weeks, staying dark on Mondays and Tuesdays.
We do have a Trabant, but nothing else on that list.
We should be getting our Fabbri spinning coaster mid-summer.
Any more questions?
Thanks Bob...
i'm been thinking, does fiesta shows own any of these rides?:

tivoli orbiter, tivoli spin out, larson superloops (or ring of fire or fire ball), chance wipeout/trabant, eli wheel, eli scrambler, hurbetz/dartron hurricane and a.r.m quasar.

i don't think they have all these rides might they might have few of them.
I have not spoken with E.J.Dean yet this year so I do not know if the Grand Prix Roller Coaster has been sold or is still in the barn.

They were hoping to sell the Raging Rapids Log Flume to a show or amusement park in the southern states where such a water ride could get more use during each calendar year than here in New England. The Raging Rapids was always a success at the Marshfield, Massachusetts Fair in August when it is hot but not always at the Topsfield, Massachusetts Fair in October because sometimes October can be on the cool/cold side--especially the nights--here in New England and such temperatures are not conducive to getting wet. If they still have the Raging Rapids they might very well set it up again in 2005 at the Marshfield Fair.

Fiesta Shows does not have two Chance Giant Wheels.

They do have three Flying Bobs-type rides-- namely the Flying Bobs, the Thunder Bolt, and the Music Fest. So far this year I have seen the Flying Bobs on one unit and the Thunder Bolt on another unit and I assume that the Music Fest is traveling on their third unit.

For the Spring carnival season Fiesta Shows travels in three units each year. During fair season units combine to create larger midways.

Fiesta Shows does have two Chance Sea Dragons, two Zippers, two Tilt-
A-Whirls, two or three Bumper Cars, and two Sky-Master-type rides, namely the Sky-Master and another one called the Apollo. All of the rides mentioned in this paragraph are currently being used on one of their three units.

Fiesta Shows does have a Himalaya ride that they call the Arctic Blast. It is a BEAUTIFUL old classic that goes over the road on three trucks. Before its current name the ride was called the Disko.

Fiesta Shows is one of only a few shows in the country to have a Zamperla Aeromax which is a kiddie flying airplane ride.

Fiesta Shows has not used their Sky Diver in a number of years now, and, unfortunately, they do not have plans to use it ever again.