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I recall seeing one of these when I was a kid, and being told by my parents that it was off limits -- too many kids had been injured on it at that event. Never saw another one on a lot again. Great concept, but lacking in the safety area for sure...
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I remember 4 cage ball hitch units and 5 cage semi trailer units. Don't know who manufactured which. Got to take a look at 4 cage unit rusting in a field a few years back. Saw a 2nd 4 cage unit with teees growing up through it at another winter quarters a few years back too.
Last one I remember hearing operate was around 1982 or 83 and a cage door broke badly injuring a rider. That was about the end for that ride and for the show that ran it. Metal fatigue was blamed as the cause.
There were two different manufactures, Goforth was one and this one wasn't one of theirs. I am not sure of the make though. The Goforth units were square cages and this mfg.International - something..had the more stylized cages. This unit had the board on the bottom brakes. this unit was a ball hitch orginally and was change to a fifth wheel then to the horse hitch set up. I read the owners claim that he hauled it with a 3/4 ton pickup... look out!!! I hauled one like it with a tractor and it was a hand full.[:0] they had concrete poured into the frame to counter weight the swinging cages. the axles were located right in the middle and were worst than any Hampton or Heart Flip to tow.[:D]
Can remember riding them back in the 70's, Last time I think I ever saw one. Too much work-but they were fun![8D]

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You can still ride them in Europe, at least at Oktoberfest. I was a little too drunk to hop on them, but I did manage to have myself tossed around on a few sick Tagada rides.

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you know Premier Shows out of Dalton, Minnesota. They used to come to our county fair all the time. They are back now as Premier Enterprises and got rid of alot of their rides. I saw that they had the swinging gym last year racked at the wadena county fair in wadena, Mn.


I know Byron, Phyliss (Tuffy) Ed & Mary Jolene and Kurt and Dave (don't know if he is still alive) I used to run the round up and drive the POS Ferris Wheel...and I pulled the Swingin' Gymm several times, what a disaster. Phyliss came off the road or at least turned the show over to Jolene and they used to play Motley Fair all the time.

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More than a few ride jocks been squished by them things. I know of a few of them here in Ohio for sale. I rode Nolans the first year I was on the road. I thought rides were supposed to be fun....what a work out.
I think my mother once told me they had one on Happyland Shows when I was a kid. Will double check this with another relative
If you remember they had two braking systems. The earlier ones had a pad that came up from the bottom and slowed the cage each time it hit bottom. The newer ones by Goforth I believe it was had fancy disc brakes. A 2x4 thrown on the pad of the early ones was an instant stop, complete with insurance claim.