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Step Right this Way, They're ALIVE, ALIVE, ALIVE and They're all on the Inside,

You will see the Desert Pygmy King, The Maneeger, The Great Orbax,
Albert Cadabra's Hilariously Wild Sideshow Magic, and the Amazing

They're Here! They're Now and They're on the Inside.

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman there's something for everyone on the
Inside, the young, the old, Mother, Father and the Kiddies and It's
all on the Inside of Sideshow World.

See the Desert Pygmy King, read about his creation of Human remains,
you will be shocked at how he humbugged a nation. Primitive and
raw...little creatures and large renditions of Human remains,
crafted for the sole purpose of.......Ladies and Gentleman because
of the of the local authorities, I will not be able to tell you
more, He's on the Inside Go Now! ......Yes, the show is about to

A Shine to Homer Tate the Desert Pygmy King, 

Was it a beef on the midway? "I just wanna see the maneeger. "It
was plain that he was starting to get annoyed. Well, I'm the
manager. Now what is it? "............. 

See Doug Higley's review of Jim Rose's Circus of Scars, it is
amazing, and It's just a click away. For one small moment of your
time you will see things that you will never forget. Go Now! 

See the "Amazing Zantoon" and His Death Defying Act on the Bed of
Nails. So Go Now! He's on the Inside.....The show is about to

It's all Here, It's all Now and It's all on the Inside,

SO GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Now Remember to join our Sideshow Yahoo Group it's where
Showman/women,Performers and Fans come together to share, learn and 

See You on the Midway,


John Robinson
Sideshow World
Preserving the Past....Promoting the Future of the Sideshow

Step Right Up It's always Alive on the Inside of Sideshow World