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from the reaction of the zamperla guys... we are still the "only" show that has one... and its gonna stay that way for a while....its a great ride for the family but not really a huge draw for the older crowd...
You get what you pay for with them. The ride just isn't that great.
Stop complaining...Nobody cares anyway!!
The Skater was here in Minnesota, and I thought it gave a rough and underpowered ride.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you have to take a rain check.

when i saw the skater in michigan, i liked the looks and it seemed to be doing well. looks better than the disko imho. can't say the cost justifies having it however.


Originally posted by Ryan

I think they are the only ones at this point

I think it will stay that way as well...
I think they are the only ones at this point 
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What shows own a skater besides Mid-America ?