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Right Here, Right Now, on our Midway. Just for your entertainment, See it Live, See it Now.

Remember it's Always Alive on the Inside of Sideshow Central.

This weeks Corny-Ville Comic, Step Right this Way presented here just for you an Extra added attraction, you can see it for just one small moment of your time. 

Carnival Diablo adds 4 dates in Canada

General Call For Sideshow Acts, The World of Wonders and Palace of Illusions is looking for acts for their 2005 season 

Do we have a deal for you, for just a few dollars you can bring your wants and desires to the whole Sideshow World, advertise in our Classifieds for $10 per 30 days up to 100 words? Find out more. 

It had been a miserable, bloody, aggravating, royal pain in the kiester of a jump and we weren't even there yet......

"Port Of Entry" by Lee Kolozsy 

Our Newest Link: Jason Schnauzer

"The Kelly Miller Circus" in our Ask The Staff section.

Join It Here, Join It Now, our new Yahoo Group is waiting for you Alive on the Inside. Read about Amazing feats, See the Strange, Witness the Odd and Unusual. It's all right here for you, Let your friends and family see what you've been talking about, invite them to join Sideshow Central's Yahoo Group. It's where Showmen/women, Performers and Fans come together. It's Always Alive on the Inside.

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