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I know Boo Boo too and that's just too funny! (tears running down face)
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nay it's me, i have his cell #....... call me
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Have you looked in "Farmland or Parker City" ?
i think she is looking for Boo Boo from Mid America...
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Check with JimBob or OscarDeGrouch SP?

I knew him a bit but don't have contact with him now


Originally posted by mikehawkenballs

He should be at Winter Quarters in Jellystone Park.
I read in the AB that Ranger Smith had Him and Yogi rebuilding the Hampton Pick-a-Nick Basket Ride.

lolomg.....okay that made my winter.
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Okay, meant to post this before I left work but got involved in some other stuff, on a serious note, your profile says Michigan, so that should, I would think, narrow it down to shows in Michigan and/or that play Michigan, correct? Wade Shows, Mid America Shows, Playworld Amusements, Schmidt Amusements, McDonagh's Amusements, Skerbeck Brothers Shows, A&M Attractions, Arnold Amusements, Elliotts Amusements LLC, A.J. Carl Shows, J&J Amusements, Cumberland Valley Shows, Jules and Beck Combined Shows, Star Valley Amusements, and Family Funtyme Amusements. Recognize any names? Any spots this person was at?
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BOO BOO OR Boils ?? They kinda like ,sound the same.

Well either way ,I can be , Boo Boo or Boils !! What ever floats your boat Carnie_chick2005. It's your call.

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you can send me a private message and let me know who you are and maybe i can help you.