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For members having flaky login issues:
If your login status on the forums seems to be 'flaky' and not stable you might want to check out some things on your computer.

First off, in order to stay logged into the forum, your web browser must allow cookies. This forum uses a cookie to remember whether or not you are logged into the forum. In Internet Explorer, if you think your browser is blocking cookies, you will be able to tell by a small red icon in the lower right corner of the browser window (in the status bar). Double-clicking this icon will bring up a window listing the cookies that are blocked. You need to tell your browser to ACCEPT these cookies (if they are from

Another issue that will affect logins is if your browser is not set to handle it's Temporary Internet Files correctly (Internet Cache). In Internet Explorer, you should check your 'Tools' menu, then select 'Internet Options', then select the 'Settings' button for 'Temporary Internet Files' and make sure it is set to 'Automatically' and that the 'Amount of Space to Use' is approx 96-128mb. Anything higher than that number is a waste of your hard drive space and anything less may cause performance issues while you surf the web.

AOL USERS: We recommend that you use Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox as your web browser to view these forums. Do NOT use the web browser that is packaged with AOL because it does NOT properly load and update these pages. It is tied to AOL's internal proxy servers which filter the content you can view on the internet and do NOT update the pages as they should from these forums and many other sites. (I also believe that these proxy servers may be tracking the user's usage of AOL and thus is an invasion of privacy IMO -- EVEN THOUGH AOL SWEARS THIS IS NOT THE CASE).

For those members who are having problems with 'missing forums' or 'hidden forums' when they log into the site: At the top of your screen (if you are missing forums such as 'Off Topic' or 'Support Forums', look for a blue folder icon in the top blue bar of the forums. It will be just underneath the MCW logo on the left end of the bar that the word 'Forum' is in (see below).


If there is a blue folder icon there (like in the picture), then you are NOT seeing all the forums. Click that blue icon ONCE and all forums should appear. This will only work on the main page of the forums. The rest of the forums use the folders above the blue bar to navigate your way around the system.

Good luck and Enjoy --