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You guys and gals need to join me in Tampa on the 6th or 7th of February to see that all of this comes together..Without Uncle Ed beening there, I'm sure that things are going to be in a mess..I enjoy going a few days before the trade show to watch the FSF midway take shape..I alway learn one or two new curse words during the setup..I wonder if they will make a 12' likeness of Uncle Ed instead of a cow out of butter this year?..LOLOL..
Nope, not the Strates Pirate. Is there any Pirate type rides this year. Oh yeah, the Pharaoh's Fury. I would enjoy a ride on the Pirate or the Sea Ray. The Pharaoh's Fury was never a good ship ride. I really hope the layout and look is better than last year. Putting the Space Roller where it was last year did it no justice. The Freak Out should have been moved there. No wonder why CVS is not playing the fair this year. I am going to miss the Space Roller. At least I got a chance to ride something from Mondial in the states.
According to my list e-mailed to me a few minutes ago is on target with Bryan's list. It is confirmed, the list is in and is subject to change prior to the fair's beginning. Now I have a ride count list.

As of November 16, 2004 : 88
As of January, 5, 2004 : 86

We lost the All American Amusement "Kamikaze", the Strates "Enterprise" and "Himalya". However, we did gain the Wade "Enterprise".

I The last fair had a ride count of 100. This year we have 86. Seem like 1993 all over again. But we have nice spectacular's.