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Yeah, it was all no big deal really -- it's just an option in the system. But when you post, and the server doesn't respond right away, so you click the Post button again, it 'reposts' the same message to the server. Usually, this makes the system just run that much slower. Now that we got the performance issues straightened out, I turned it back off. To be honest, I forgot it was still enabled, so I'm glad someone mentioned it [8D]
I PM'ed Matt about it when it kept happing to me Last week...Still waiting on reply...I just had to slow down on repling to topics.
For the record, wasn't "complaining" just inquiring. Thanks SS
It was turned on during the period when we were having server issues to help prevent against 'double' posts. Now that the servers have been fixed and performance is back, it has been turned back off. Sorry --
It happened to me too. When it did .....I did thy O'l Refresh Screen & Then it worked fine .
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I noticed the same thing at the end of last week, only then it was set at 120 seconds.
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What is this FLOOD CONTROL that has been activated and won't let a user post more than one topic within 60 seconds??? There are times I post a one or two sentence response, as do most people, and now we gotta wait sixty seconds to post again?