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That ride looks....rather lame
Thanks matt, I thought it did something like that!
cool idea!
It's like a slingshot but on a track. You're pulled back and then when you're released you fly forward. You keep going until the car stops moving.

On a side note, check out the video of the Niagara Show on page 5. Conklin has one of these before they got the Crazy Flip. Their's was called the Wild River Raft. I think it's a much better ride than the Crazy Flip. This video also features a few shots of a portable go-carts and there's a ride that's a cross bewteen a Troika and a Paratrooper.
Cool model Sven. I checked out that awesome website, but I still wonder also how this ride operates.
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You can find a video of "Fast and Furious (off-ride)" here: 
-> Power max center
-> vidéos
-> page 3

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Great model, just cant understand the concept, how does the real thing work...apart from the obvious

Been to more themeparks this year. Which was quiet good, because it was the first time i could ride Inverter and Chaos by Chance. Unfortunatly it was the last time, because both rides are taken down in Walibi World in the netherlands, due to technical problems as it is said.
Had been a bad season in germany. Normally it is said that complaining belongs to german showmen business, but this year DSB (Deutscher Schausteller Bund) released via press that showmen lost about 30% related to the last years worst profit. And that is nearly all what they do. No thoughts how they could solve the problem. So at one time you do not want to listen to the complaints anymore. Germans do not like to invest in those ugly italien rides, in mondial rides and huger rides.
Though the large fairs in the north (Oldenburg, Bremen, Zetel, Leer) were really profitable. In Oldenburg it is said to be the best result since 5 years.

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Sven, where ya been man?

got anything else we could check out?!
Sven that is awesome.It is looks even better than the real thing!
Wicked ride! You are a scratch built king!
Have you paid your dues Jack? Yeah I paid my dues. The check is in the mail.